Cloud Based Backup & Recovery Service

Cloud Based Backup & Recovery Service

Cloud backup and recovery has become a vital component of data Protection Strategy for every company. CompuStoresenables complete backup and recovery services [assuring/securing] efficient data protection across cloud locations.

Cloud backup is basically a type of service that involves backing up and storing data and applications of a business on a remote server. This system enables businesses to ensure that they would not lose any important data in the event of a system failure, outage, or natural disaster. CompuStoresaffords cost-effective and competent cloud based data backup and recovery services with the assurancethat no crucial business data or information is lost due to unfortunate circumstances. We offer a host of user-friendly cloud backup options protecting vital business data and reducing downtime.

Why Seek Out Cloud based Backup and Recovery Services fromCompustores?

The backup and recovery services of CompuStores are designed especially for the contemporary, evolving business climate. Our services include:
  • Consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments.
  • High IT agility due to strategic data management practices.
  • Policy control management for both cloud and on-premises workloads.
  • A comprehensive view of diverse data storage locationsincluding, public and private clouds.

With CompuStores, you will benefit complete backup and recovery solutions for files, applications, databases, as well as virtual machines.

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