Hosted VOIP Service

CompuStores ensures reliable, high-quality phone service through the Hosted VOIP Service with cutting-edge communication solutions for modern businesses.

Eliminating the need for any on-premises PBX hardware, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is a key component to reliable and secure cloud communications platform. CompuStores enables comprehensive business communication equipped with business SMS, online meetings and real-time file sharing. Through our services your business communications are protected from diverse service interruption threats like power outages and malicious attacks.

Benefits with CompuStores Hosting your business VOIP Services:

  • Specially designed for businesses: Our hosted VOIP service is specially designed for businesses by enabling functions such as; calling, faxing, texting and online meeting without the necessity of switching systems.
  • Simplified Swift Service Setup: We get your VOIP system up and running within 24 hours. Moreover, as installations are done over the web for the hosted VOIP system without any cables, physical boxes or other expensive hardware. You can simply add or delete extensions with just a few clicks.
  • SuperiorCustomer Support: CompuStores teams guide you every step of the way and available  anytime for technical support, consultations and recommendations related to your VOIP system.
  • High Mobility:CompuStores enables you to take your VOIP phone system anywhere you go making it ideal for in-house call centers or a remote team.
  • Commendable cost savings: According to research, businesses save $1,727 per month on average by using Hosted VOIP services. The expenses involved in Hosted VOIP services offered by CompuStores far supersedes the costs of traditional landlines.

CompuStores Leveraging Internet Phone Capabilities to Power-up Business Communications

CompuStoresoffers the best-in-class VOIP services ensure smooth business communications when it comes to customer service, marketing and sales. We assist integrating calls with existing business tools preserving customer relationships with our single VOIP phone number feature.

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