Professional Maintenance Service for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Today, in this cut-throat competitive business scenario, any business requires an enterprise-grade email service for the frequent communication and exchanging important data to their employees and customers. Microsoft exchange servers achieved a new level of reliability, stability and user-friendliness that ensures robust communication which is always on to support your business. But like any other technological system, Microsoft Exchange Server also requires proper maintenance and tuning to be in the optimum functioning condition, and that is where our company comes in the fore to help you.

Our company, CompuStores offers top notch professional services to implement, tune, tweak and maintain the Microsoft Exchange server so that your business communication remain up-to-date, tuned and compatible with your booming business requirement. With years of experience, our Microsoft trained and certified professionals excel in taking care of all the versions of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Our Microsoft Exchange Specialized Maintenance Services Includes:

  • Installation of Microsoft Exchange mail server
  • Maintenance and Disaster Recovery of Microsoft Exchange mail server 2013/2010/2007/2003
  • Upgrading or Migrating to Exchange mail server
  • Security of your mail servers like Firewall, Antivirus, DMZ and Anti-spam solutions
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